Side Effects of Opiate Usage

Opioids are very effective forms of medication in the treatment of moderate to severe pain symptoms.  However, they are highly addictive and can have many adverse side effects. They should be used with caution. Most of the side effects associated with opiate use are short term and are commonly experienced upon starting the.  There are

Is My Loved One Using Heroin?

It is very normal for a heroin addict to exhaust all means possible to hide their addiction especially from the people they love. But believe it or not, the people closest to them, those that live with them every day, are usually the last to know. As someone who put their family through this, I can

What is Hydrocodone?

Hydrocodone is a narcotic pain reliever which is the key ingredient in one of the most widely prescribed painkillers, Vicodin. After this was discovered and approved for use in the United States, they discovered that the effects of hydrocodone can be enhanced when combined with Acetaminophen, which is an over-the-counter pain reliever. Hydrocodone can be

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Addiction to heroin causes changes in your brain that can result to an uncontrollable drug seeking behavior, even if you are aware of the negative consequences that await you. Believe me. If you have been using this drug, whether on a regular basis, in binges, or if you are already at a point where your